The aim of this article is to motivate people to stay committed to their goals. People often have a false notion that there is something called as overnight success. …

An expensive lesson in Risk Management

We often hear that “Risk is the price of opportunity.” But seldom does one realise that taking additional risk may turn out to be a double edged sword. …

I always keep my mistakes and lessons learnt in front of my screen while trading. Because we as traders tend to commit the same mistakes every time.

“Learn from the mistakes of others. You can’t live long enough to make them all yourself.”

— Eleanor Roosevelt

My Trading Mistakes

Having your lessons learnt…

This is an article that covers the steps to backtest a strategy before deploying capital into the strategy.

  1. Idea/Hypothesis
  2. Specify entry,exit, SL & position size
  3. Generate trade log & Backtest Report
  4. Test in different market conditions.
  5. Optimize the strategy
  6. Evaluate the robustness & stress testing
  7. Track Real-Time performance
  8. Deploy
A detailed version of the steps

Step I -Idea(Snorlax Strategy)


I absolutely love my work! In fact, I grew up dreaming to be a trader. So trading, to me, doesn’t feel like working (except when I lose😂). It’s fascinating because it’s different every day.

Charging Bull @Wall Street

Let me take you through what a normal workday in my life looks like.

8:00 AM…

When I was asked to publish my trading journey, I thought that maybe my story could inspire many. And therefore, I have narrated my story in the form of 16 pointers (in chronological order) for anyone who wishes to have a good read or wants to get inspired!

  1. At the…

Sourabh Sisodiya

Quant | Algorithms | Options | Trading

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